The Prism
Today, the ability to tell and spread stories is being revolutionized through technology. Journalism is transitioning from the hands of a few to a wide range of people who have been empowered to tell their own stories from their own perspective. This is what gave birth to The Prism. Filmmakers Nikos Katsaounis and Nina Maria Paschalidou conceived The Prism as an innovative way to share their stories.
The Prism GR2011 is a collective documentation of Greece during the winter of 2010, through the lenses of 14 photojournalist transformed into multimedia storytellers with the support of the creators.
Combining multimedia, a unique story-telling tool, and D-SLR cameras, The Prism is a collective documentation by some of the country's rising photojournalists, who bring to the project their experience as well as their own perspective.