The Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth - SKEP is a nonprofit organization established in 2008, in Athens. Our goal is to:
  • give voice to vulnerable groups of young people
    as well as
  • raise awareness regarding disabilities
SKEP is a communication platform, linking children and youth with physical, sensory, intellectual, social and mental disabilities from special education schools and institutions together with students from both mainstream schools and universities.
Our philosophy reflects the necessity of opening windows of understanding, aiming to alter the way people perceive diversity and overcome an education system that hinders social inclusion. 
Every year, from September till April, we organize experiential and interactive workshops along with experiential intervention in schools.
Our main objective remains the interactive cooperation between students and youth with disabilities aiming at building relations and create a society in which all members can feel accepted and useful. During our experiential workshops they interact without «communication codes» or rigid rules but most importantly without bias and discrimination.
Being different does not mean being unequal.  It does not mean that one has more or less rights than others. No one has ever claimed that diversity abolishes our fundamental right to a life with equal opportunities. Nevertheless, very few of us actually practice this equality. Not necessarily out of spite. Perhaps out of indifference, ignorance, embarrassment or even fear.
A civilized society should not be divided into “us” and “them”. It should aim towards treating its members justly, by giving to all persons with disabilities the possibility to live with dignity, equal rights and opportunities.
Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth