In a ranch which covers an area of more than 50.000m2 with cultivations such as olive groves, vineyards, vegetable gardens and fruit trees but also with the wild vegetation of Crete, lies the ENAGRON Ecotourism Village. Built in the centre of Crete, on the foothills of Psiloritis at an altitude of around 500m, ENAGRON offers the possibility to explore, live and enjoy the uniqueness of this nature.
The people who work in the farm are all farmers who were born and raised in the area applying techniques which go centuries back. The ENAGRON offers high quality hotel services transcending the narrow definition of a hotel, offering the visitors a unique experience to be treated as guests and not as clients.
It offers exquisite traditional Cretan gastronomy without being just a restaurant. The ingredients are carefully selected and everyone can participate in the preparation of the meals. Most of the time, the preparation of the food resembles cooking with friends in front of the open fire or ends up in a traditional cooking class.
The guests can take part in many programs and activities, such as:
  • Hiking on marked paths
  • Exploring nature on donkey-back
  • Participation or observation of farming duties
  • Participation or observation of social, cultural or religious events that take place in the surrounding villages
  • Traditional Cretan cooking classes
  • Making cheese with Enagron’s shepherd, baking bread in the wood oven
  • Grape-harvest, wine production, distillation of raki
  • Botanic walks - identification and collection of herbs, which upon return we brew into a delicious decoction
  • Observation of wild birds
  • Or simply enjoying nature with all our senses under the trees or by the pool in the summer.
Inspired by the creativity found in the natural environment, Yiannis and Fani transformed their ideas into actions and succeeded in making their dream come true.