Athens Insiders
The vision of Insiders is to change the image of Greece in the eyes of its visitors. Our philosophy is to offer experiential activities that engage travelers, and give them the opportunity to see Greece through our eyes.
The idea was born in 2010 by four travelers; Anthia Vlassopoulou, Daphne Tragakis, Natalie Kontou and Alex Frydas who were inspired by the need they felt themselves to discover what lies beneath the surface of the places they visited. They therefore, decided to create a service illustrating their Greece, the real Greece.
Through the experiential activities we offer, travelers enjoy genuine experiences that illustrate the special characteristics of each place and bring them closer to the people and culture of Greece. From walking tours and excursions to cooking lessons and tastings, all our suggestions are original and of high quality.
We pay particular attention to the personal touch and tailor all our tours to the needs and interests of each traveler. Via an interactive online form or via direct communication, we collect information on their needs and interests and design tours and experiences that match the profile and schedule of every one of our visitors.
Through the customised holidays we offer, we give travelers the opportunity to see below the surface and to have a real, more personal experience that will add value to their holidays.
We are constantly on the lookout for knowledgeable and enthusiastic people who love Greece and are passionate about sharing the best of our country with its visitors.
Our objective is to share the treasures of Greece with travelers and to offer beautiful holiday memories.