Evil Window Dog
Evil Window Dog is a two man mobile development studio in Thessaloniki, Greece. The company was founded by two developers, Petros Douvantzis and Stelios Petrakis who are close friends since secondary school. 
Evil Window Dog has already released three mobile apps. Soundbeam, a digital oscilloscope for mobile devices that has over 600.000 downloads and received praise for its design by the Hellenic Designers Associations. Anagramma, an app that helps you find the anagrams from any given scrambled word and Horizon, an application that gives the user the ability to always shoot horizontal videos.
The vision of our company is to create apps and experiences that users will love. We have already plans for more apps down the road and we will release a couple of them by the end of this year.
We believe that passion, focus and obsession over quality are the key elements of creating the next big thing and are the core values of our company's culture.