Metavallon is a dynamic social enterprise that empowers and accelerates startups at the very early stages. Through its three-tier program (Τhe Lab, The Accelerator, The Hub), Metavallon seeks to motivate talented individuals, expose them to experienced entrepreneurs, experts and investors, and provide them with the necessary resources to start and scale their own high-impact businesses.
We aim to trigger the time-critical change that Greece needs in order to turn around the still uncertain economic situation and set foundations for growth. We are providing a supportive infrastructure that helps entrepreneurs start high-impact ventures, create jobs, and grow their businesses – ultimately leading to entrepreneurial success and to a boost for the economy.
Our unique social value proposition is to provide experience-based instruction and guidance on entrepreneurship, spur market solutions and innovation, generate an influx of expertise and capital, and foster economic growth across the country. Active since 2011, Metavallon has been focused on delivering deep social impact, one that has touched multiple areas and is growing exponentially.
In a country where meaningful opportunities are scarce, Metavallon empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to craft their own futures, prevents brain drain, and develops a virtuous circle of opportunity, creation and growth.
Applications for The Accelerator are now open
We believe that progress lies with the people that dare venture. This belief has culminated to our evolutionary proprietary programs: The Lab, Metavallon’s pioneering online-driven program for transforming ideas to startup initiatives (whose winter cycle was recently completed), and The Accelerator.
Now open for applications, The Accelerator offers an intensive five-month acceleration program for very early stage startups aiming to prepare for scale - and their first investment round. The program delivers over €40,000 in value to each participating team through a combination of services, including a €25,000 financial investment. Up to five startups will be selected to participate and applications are open until April 30th 2014.