Organic Islands
Organic Islands is a family firm based on the Cycladic island of Naxos, founded by Nikos Hatziandreou in October 2010, which cultivates organic aromatic plants and herbs.
Organic Islands is the first and still remains the only firm in the Cyclades that cultivates certified organic aromatic and medicinal plants and herbs. The plants are cultivated in accordance with the European Regulations on organic farming, therefore being free from toxins, pesticides and other chemicals that are used in other farming practices.
The fact that the farms are situated on an island in the middle of the Aegean means that we grow our plants in a completely pollution free environment, far from any sources of contamination that could affect their qualitative characteristics. The climate of the region is also a very significant factor in producing herbs of the finest quality: the combination of long dry periods (that can last up to six months), full sun, small variations in temperature and the cooling effect of the Aegean winds have been proven to improve the scent and taste of herbs and the overall quality (e.g. high % of essential oils, etc).
Our organic herbs are handpicked during a very specific harvesting period and they are carefully dried the same day under very specific conditions, using drying equipment that has been specially designed for herbs. During the processing phase, we ensure that the final product is free from sand, stalks, plant debris and other foreign materials.
After the product is packaged it is placed in a storage area away from direct sunlight and humidity (dehumidifier is used to regulate the humidity levels which can be high on the island) until it is prepared to be shipped to our clients. Our products are rich in essential oils and this is what gives them their distinct aroma and flavor.
The vision of Organic Islands is clearly reflected in our name: dissemination of organic farming practices (Organic) and synergy between the Cycladic islands (Islands) in the production of high quality products based on herbs. We deeply believe that through synergy in the production of certified high quality organic products, we can achieve great momentum both in the local tourism market and the international market, which can contribute effectively on improving individual local economies of our islands.
We combine and fully utilize both traditional practices and experiences with the modern methods and specialized equipment , to create and offer the consumer high quality products and added value.
 We think creatively and we are not afraid to try new ideas . We create new combinations of aromas and flavors, we mix and marry materials that until now have never been associated with herbs . Our new series, "Synergy" launching later this year is the first step on a journey of culinary exploration that has just begun and is expected to be long and full of surprises.

In our journey we want to meet people from other countries and offer them authentic Greek Cycladic flavors and aromas. Our major advantage in this effort are our own islands , which are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world . Our company currently has a presence in more than 50 points in 10 islands of the Cyclades and Attica and is also expanding its network in foreign countries (USA, Great Britain, Denmark, etc.).