One of the most innovative educational systems in the world finally opens its doors in Greece. The architectural education for children and young people provided by Helsinki-based Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth is among the most comprehensive in the world, measured by the programme’s depth, quantity and quality.
Arkki ́s educational programme uses play and fantasy as means to discover the different phenomena of architecture.  Through architecture education, Arkki aims at fostering a new generation of active citizens who have a deep understanding about the built environment and who hopefully possess tools for a positive change in the future.
With the increasing phenomenon of metropolization and the rising challenges of urbanization, architectural education gives children new possibilities and means to influence the creation of their future environment, regardless of their occupation.
 Arkki will be producing the new programme in partnership with DESIGNEMBASSADOR.COM UG, which specializes in the design of festivals, events, conferences and workshops.