What is the " askada "? Embracing two identical torned figs. What is ASKADA FARM; It is our embrace and love for figs. It Is cooperation, openness and fellowship. It is a new effort by which we aim to create quality and delicious products combining the knowledge that comes from the past and the needs and desires that whisper from the future. We believe in the symmetry of a premium product together with a well-designed packaging. We grew up with the belief that Kimi's figs are the best in the world! And we bet that this will become widely.
On the farm ASKADA we produce products without any preservatives, wanting to offer the taste of tradition in its purest form, free from chemicals and artificial flavors. We want to show that the Greek fig Kimi , besides its high nutritional value as food, can have a place between gourmet products. The same principles we maintain in all of our products, such as fig syrup, a pure extract of dried figs, which is a natural sweetener product. Besides, do not forget that figs was for centuries an integral part of the Mediterranean diet and culture.

We believe that the plethora of Greek quality products slowly gain their rightful place in the world map by creating what we call Greek gastronomy. In this direction, we continue and create flavors that remind us of the past, but experimenting and playing with the trends of the moment.