Icon Platforms
ICON Platforms Gamification Social world is taking the essence of games—fun, play, transparency, design and challenge—and applying it to real-world objectives. They design solutions for everything from office tasks and training to marketing or direct customer interaction, by combining the thinking of a business manager with the creativity and tools of a game designer.
ICON Platforms Gamification moves beyond entertainment to business performance, using intuitive design, intrinsic motivation and the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing activities with clear – and personal – value. In today’s engagement economy, where time and attention are becoming increasingly scarce and resources precious, people are likely to gravitate to activities that are authentically rewarding and filled with the opportunities to achieve, grow and socialize.
ICON Platforms are a specialist, innovative Technology Company focused on providing customized solutions for their clients through their own cross-platform technology, TALOS that operates to any mobile, desktop and smart TV device running on any platform and over any network. They provide customized solutions for various markets which harness the technology and provide companies with the best solution for each vertical business.
ICON Platforms Gamification Social world builds on demographic and consumer behavior data to engage with two strong emotions: being rewarded and having fun play and challenge.
The premise is pretty simple:
  • Incentivize specific and explicit social behaviors
  • Increase awareness of new products and content
  • Drive participation in high-value social campaigns
  • Reward consumers and employees
The TALOS ICON Platforms discover, analyze and assess this data, and through the analytical tools they track behaviors, not raw traffic. Dedicated to state-of-the-art technology and continuous R&D since 2007, ICON Platforms is an innovative pioneer in loyalty marketing and customer relationship management.
With a unique mix of expertise, vision, passion and a core team with an entrepreneurial spirit, with creativity, boldness and commitment, ICON Platforms helps brands to develop greater loyalty and more profitable customer relationships. 
ICON Platforms contributes to an integrated effort to identify, maintain and build up a network with individual consumers/citizens/followers and to continuously strengthen the network for the benefit of brands, institutes, governments, through interactive, individualized and value-added contacts over a long period of time.