Coffee Island
Coffee Island started off in 1999 with its first traditional coffee shop in the center of Patras, selling a variety of freshly ground coffee. The love for coffee and the success of the first coffee grinding shop led the company to create its own roasting unit, investing in equipment and expertise mainly from Italy to supply its fast growing number of stores.
Drawing inspiration from coffee shops around the world and answering to the demanding Greek consumers, Coffee Island brought together Greek tradition with modern trends to introduce the coffee bar, able to cater to the most demanding palates. Consumers have the chance to taste exquisite freshly ground coffee choosing from 70 different blends from 25 different countries along the Equator.   
In 2013,Coffee Island expands significantly its network, counting 157 stores in total. In Greece, the 67 stores of Athens stand out and the 16 in Patras,as well as the 6 first ones that opened in Thessaloniki, while 44 are scattered in 35 other cities. In Cyprus, the 27 stores have created a strong network in the local market, while fostering a new culture around coffee.Coffee Island is making plans to also expand the franchise into Bulgaria, the United Kingdom and Europe in the near future. It is worth noticing that only in 2012 in the midst of a monumental economic crisis that spread throughout Europe, Coffee Island expanded its network with 47 new stores.
For the people of Coffee Island, dealing with the company, the partners and the stores is a way of life. Training never stops and research for new exciting blends and products is ongoing. In a time when expectations increase and consumer habits change, they stand firm on their commitment to provide high quality products, and this is reflected through the ongoing research for new exciting blends and the continuous training, following the programs SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) Introduction to Coffee, SCAE Barista and SCAE Grinding & Brewing from certified instructors that are part of the Coffee Island family; ensuring that quality is preserved from roasting until the first sip of a Coffee Island product.
With a profound love for the coffee bean, a firm commitment to high quality services and products and a deep respect to their partners, Coffee Island proves that a group of people can build prospects and safeguard opportunities using as tools credibility, hard work and creativity, even in the most challenging times.