Krocus Kozanis Products
Krocus Kozanis Products, established in 2007, is a joint venture between the Cooperative de Saffran of Kozani and the Greek skincare brand KORRES. The company takes its name from saffron (Krocus in Greek) and the area, this valuable spice is cultivated in, Kozani in North Greece.
In addition to developing products based on the beneficial properties of saffron – the variety cultivated in Kozani is considered among the best in the world – the company is also set to promote Greek Saffron globally.
Driven by clinical studies on the spice’s efficacy, a dedicated Research & Development team is working on fully exploring saffron’s benefits. A first taste of this ongoing effort, is the Krocus Kozanis Organic Herbal Tea Collection. This organic saffron tea line is the company’s debut in the nutraceutical market. It is also a worldwide innovation, as this is the first time, saffron is combined with various organic herbs to create premium taste blends that help establish the precious spice as an essential everyday nutrient.
Featuring seven blends, the Krocus Kozanis Organic Herbal Tea Collection is available in over 10 markets including Greece, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Holland, Russia and Canada.
Research on saffron’s efficacy is multi-faceted and new findings are constantly being made. In addition to most recent discoveries, the spice’s beneficial action - anticonvulsive, digestive and antiseptic - known through yesteryear’s traditional use is now supported by lab experts. Saffron stigmas are proven to have strong antioxidant properties, while also helping neutralize free radicals and boost memory.
Saffron quality is determined by laboratory monitoring of a number of variants such as crocin (colour), picrocrocin (taste) and safranal (flavour) content. Greek Saffron is considered the best in the world – scoring 66 points higher than the minimum international standards, as of 1998 it has entered the Register of Protected Designations of Origin.