“Eleia”is a new and fresh brand emerging from a centuries-long tradition and aspiring to achieve a harmonious blend of the past with the present. The olive oil was bottled and packed into canisters of high aesthetics on February 2011, ready to conquer the Greek and International markets.
Possessing one of the largest olive groves in Greece with around 43,000 trees in the Lechaina Plains in the South Ilia prefecture many of the olive trees span over a century. The cultivar we produce is native Koroneiki, which gives us a distinctly fruity and aromatic extra virgin olive oil with an indisputably Greek temperament.
The name “Eleia” is a combination of the word “Ελιά” (which means “olive” in Greek) and “Ηλεία” , the region where the olive grove is located while the bottle’s design was inspired by the way we traditionally paint the tree trunks in order to protect them from the bugs and the sun.
Harvesting takes place from mid-October to early November. Agriculturalists, who examine the olive trees and their crop throughout the year, indicate the most appropriate maturity stage which would yield the highest possible quality and the lowest possible acidity rate around 0.25-0.35%. Olives are transferred on the same day from the grove to the oil-press where olive oil is produced through mechanical only processing, namely by means of cold pressing (<27°C).
Then, the product is stored in indoor privately-owned stainless steel tanks where it is preserved in optimal conditions. Based on the organoleptic analysis conducted by specialized scientists of the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, the product has been dubbed “a rare olive oil with highly fruity and strong aroma, and with a perfectly balanced taste alluding to wild herbs”.
Eleia olive oil can be found in several selected delicatessen shops around the world and prestigious stores like “Harrods” in London and Whole Foods Market in the USA. Moreover, it has expanded its partnerships with major hotel chains such as the Hilton in Athens, «The Met Hotel» Thessaloniki and «Marriott» hotels. Eleia is now being exported to 12 countries worldwide including USA, Germany, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, and Canada.