Mr Juke's
Chef Dimitris Chomatas and entrepreneur Maira Gomostioti first met in a reiki energy healing conference. They realised they had a common vision, to work together in order to create a series of products that would deliver all the goodness, freshness, quality, originality and optimism. So, in the spring of 2013, the imaginative variety of Mr Juke’s handmade goodies was created.
The mix includes marmalades in original and unexpected combinations of fruits, alcohol and spices, chutneys, lemon curds and sweet preserves. They are all made of carefully selected seasonal raw materials, definitely without the use of preservatives, and with traditional techniques that Dimitris brings from Kavala, his hometown.
With his long professional experience, Chef Dimitris, known to his friends as Mr Zuccero – and then Zuccero, next was Juke and finally Mr Juke (!) – together with Maira, managed to develop a series of premium products, such as marmalades, sweet or salty spreads and sweet preserves which are consisted of at least 70% of fruits or vegetables. Consequently, Mr Juke’s products have the full taste, texture and aroma of a great quality homemade equivalent.
The quality of Mr Juke’s products has already been acknowledged in the market, since within few months of operating, the pair has already been distributing their line in numerous delicatessen and pastry shops in Athens and other cities around Greece. Also, some boutique hotels in Athens and Santorini are already offering Mr Juke’s range to their customers.
Dimitris and Maira never forget their playful mood, or their initial goal: To capture, in every single Mr Juke’s jar, so much taste, quality, love and spirit that right from the first treat anyone can experience a sweet mental trip to a carefree, innocent past, not to mention a hopeful future. However, Mr Juke’s flavors are definitely adjusted to the demanding customer preferences and so are the funky, full of humour names in the labels of the jars: Boys Don’t Cry, Kinky Strawberry, Hesperides Garden, Orange Bunny, Lavender Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Carrot Cake, John Lemmon, Indian Vibes, Queen’s Quince, Gojilicious, Peach Bellini, Apricot Moon, Guilty Adam….all according to the seasonal availability.
Mr Juke’s brand is looking forward to travel abroad as a worthy  ambassador of Greek gastronomy, and to conquer its own international market share. For this, another important asset is Mr Juke’s inspired packaging and the distinct brand identity. Their first exports are already taking place, creating the best possible impressions and expectations for a dynamic presence in markets around the world.