Of Dreams and Knowledge
Konstantinos Mammasis and Barbara Rousaki founded OF DREAMS AND KNOWLEDGE on November 2013. Our vision was to create the first organic cream of unripe olive oil in Greece. Our source of inspiration has been the repositioning of Greek olive oil internationally. The mission of our company, OF DREAMS AND KNOWLEDGE, is to create products that are Milestone for the health and nutrition of mankind; natural products, given to us by the rich and unique Greek land. To create these products we used 100% natural, slow production methods that are in harmony with nature. Our goal is to bridge the gap between tradition, rural entrepreneurship and up-to-date scientific documentation.

MILESTONE is the first organic cream of unripe olive oil. More precious and rare even than the finest early harvest olive oil, which is hard to find nowadays because of the time demanding production process. It is not cold pressed but processed under the total absence of heat, a process that protects its nutritional value. Our olive groves are organically grown and located in historic Lakonia, in the Peloponnese, Greece. The fruit which is of Koroneiki variety, enjoys international recognition both for its anti-oxidant properties and for its organoleptic characteristics. Early harvest and special treatment gift it with polyphenol levels exceeding 300mg/kg. The Experience: raw, buttery, pungent, and bitter with a strong after taste of freshly cut grass, basil and artichokes!

MILESTONE has a strong personality, characterized by scarcity, perfectionism and the creativity of handcraftsmanship. MILESTONE was awarded as one of best innovative business ideas in the agricultural sector in the “Re-Inspire Greece from the Youth Up” competition that took place during the Global Entrepreneurship Week at November the 23rd in Athens. 
MILESTONE Rediscovering Precious Values
You need human intervention to achieve the authentic, the extraordinary! That's why we prefer the traditional milling process that allows us to observe the fruit at all stages of production. MILESTONE is made entirely by hand, from the gathering of the fruit, to the milling using granite millstones, and then the collection of the cream of the unripe olive oil. 
MILESTONE reflects our need to slow down life’s pace, to be in harmony with nature, to preserve tradition, to create rare and unique products through handcraftsmanship and artisanal processing. This can only be achieved by adopting slow food processing practices. Everything is done with accountability, conscious respect for the nature and the enjoyment of returning to our culinary traditions. MILESTONE goes back to rediscover these precious values.
MILESTONE Artistic Creativity
The bottle of MILESTONE, a re-creation of an authentic old millstone, is lovingly made by experienced potters, working to create this traditional stoneware clay, which meets today's health and safety standards. The opacity of the bottle protects its content from sunlight, while its insulating properties help to protect it from the humidity and changes in temperature. Every stage of the process is done by hand, thus making every MILESTONE bottle unique, using materials that are recyclable and environmentally friendly.
Innovation and Greek Entrepreneurship
The innovation strategy pursued by OF DREAMS AND KNOWLEDGE is multifaceted. We invest in product innovation by creating the first organic cream of unripe olive oil. We also invest in the innovative positioning of this product in the international market as a superior quality food that should be promoted in the context of a new category in the agricultural food sector. At the same time our company is investing in process innovation through the modernization of the traditional oil extraction system in order to achieve a higher percentage of anti - oxidants in unripe olive oil.
OF DREAMS AND KNOWLEDGE contributes to Greek Entrepreneurship by seeking the best Greek raw materials and professional services, by supporting small Greek organic farmers and by promoting superior quality in the Greek agricultural products. Our company introduces a model of agricultural production which is scientifically and artistically embraced through the investment in olive oil extraction technology, in the Science of Agriculture and Marketing, and in the Art of Pottery. It is also our belief that reclaiming Greece’s credibility and rediscovering her creativity and innovation can only be achieved through collective initiatives and business-minded communities, socially responsible.