Future Library
BEING creative, inspiring the community
Two years ago, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation conceived the idea to contribute to the development of a public and municipal libraries network all over Greece, in order to enhance the significance of the libraries, as learning centers and places of creativity and interaction, in people’s minds. Thus, Future Library was born in Veria, in 2011, with the Foundation being its exclusive donor and soon was emerged as a living community that constantly embraces new cities, familiarizes their residents with the libraries and aspires to be linked to the National Library of Greece, when this moves to its new premises, at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.
The core of the Future Library Network philosophy is human centric and consists of creative libraries that promote human values. Day by day, more and more teenagers, students, young people, undergraduates, post graduates, volunteers and creative professionals connect to the public libraries of their cities through this rapidly growing network, which at this moment consists of a lively community of 117 Public and Municipal Libraries and approximately 5.750 members.

Since 2011, the Future Library team, in collaboration with the libraries of this network, has organized more than 5.800 events in more than 100 Greek cities, with 110.000 participants in total (most of them children, teenagers and adults). They have carried out special training programs addressed to the “future librarians”, offered 36.160 books in 117 libraries, which they have also provided with technological equipment and developed major projects that promote creative thinking, the love of reading and innovation, thus transforming libraries into modern laboratories of creativity and action.

Currently the team works intensively for the official opening of their major project, the Media Lab, a project designed with the support of Google and in collaboration with the Aarhus Municipal/City Library and Mozilla Foundation, exclusively sponsored by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Make, learn, play, relax, share are the five key words that describe the Media Labs spirit: nine (9) Public and Municipal Libraries in Drama, Levadia, Nafpaktos, Kozani, Trikala, Corinth, Keratsini-Drapetsona, Helioupolis and Chania, are being totally transformed into modern, friendly and pleasant places. Co-working, brainstorming, relaxing, meeting, reading, web browsing spaces and even music studios, where anyone can record, edit and create his own video, all together make up a completely different version of the library, just like the Future Library team dreamt of and made it happen, through the Media Labs.
“BEING CREATIVE, inspiring the community” is the Future Library’s motto, an initiative that brings the future into the Greek present and within global reality.