The Geographical
Geographical is a brand of crowdfunded local foods, connecting us back to the people making our food and the places where food is made.
Nowadays, more and more people believe that reconnecting to how and where food is made helps us increase our physical and mental health. And more importantly, it teaches our children that food doesn’t just come out from the stores, that they shouldn’t waste it because of all the effort that goes into making it.
We screen independent producers and create small-batch collections of sustainable foods from different geographical regions. We then make each batch available on our website and let people buy them and support the production of new batches by making small donations through a service called HuG. HuG is part crowdfunding, part loyalty program. Each donation is fully redeemable as a store credit. We’re also looking into introducing a point system where users gain access to unique features like special tours to visit the people and the places of production.
We’ve spent the past year developing the brand and screening producers in Greece. We’ve made our first sales, successfully testing consumers’ reaction to an umbrella brand of local foods. We’re now redesigning our website to include the HuG and are building partnerships with local hoteliers and tour operators for collaborative action.
We are part of the food tourism market, the fastest growing sector of the global tourist industry. Our model allows people to discover real food and create their own stories of where their food comes from. It can also help local producers spend more time in making food than selling it.
Our founding team has experience in marketing, food editing, health and computer science. We’re also very lucky to have an advisory board including a food entepreneur, a hotelier and a consumer behaviour professor.