Merblong LTD was founded in 2012 with its main target to be the emergence of excellent quality Greek products in the worldwide market. The fact that our country is in a middle of a crisis and every entrepreneurship effort is of great risk, didn’t come as a barrier for Maria Brebou and Theodore Pliarchopoulos. Their former experience in major companies of Greece and their vision to show quality Greece and its products worldwide, was a one way street.
70”EVDOMINDA” Extra virgin Olive Oil is the first of a series of products of the company aiming at consolidating in the world market the Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a product of extreme quality in an elegant packaging.
In 70”EVDOMINDA” one meets the market research of more than 11 months which is related to the high quality of the content, the certifications in all stages of production, the protection of it before and after bottling, the branding, and marketing strategy.
The story behind the number has to do with an ancient sign under the code IGII22311, which is kept in the Epigraphical Museum of Athens. The sign is dated from 380bc and it mentions the awards that were given during to the Great Panathenean games. In the “Stadium” the winner of the children “Paides” received 50 amphoraes of Olive Oil, the winner of the teenagers “Agenioi” received 60 amphoraes. The olive oil came from sacred trees and it was kept especially for these games. The missing part of the sign is said to describe the award of the “Men” category, 70 amphoraes. So for those who love Greece…nothing than 70”EVDOMINDA”.
70”EVDOMINDA” is already an awarded product for its quality and taste, since it received  the Prestige Gold award in the very first world contest it participated in “Terraolivo 2013”.
Merblong LTD and its product 70”EVDOMINDA” are the carriers of the founders’ belief that packaging has to be in perfect balance with high product quality as a sign of respect not only to the product but also to its buyers.
70’EVDOMINDA” is currently exported to Cyprus, Great Britain, Slovakia, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Turkey, UAE, Spain. Soon it will be in Russia, USA and Australia. You can also find it in many 5star resorts of Greece and in cavas and delicatessen shops around the country. It is also chosen from CEO’S of companies for Christmas corporate gift.
The next two years for Merblong are dedicated to the further development in the markets, but also the development of strategic alliancesin the field of food production and food marketing. Our goal is the “extroversion” of the Greek Market to become a fact and not only an idea, which is only possible through cooperations that can ensure the high quality of the products and services, but also impose Greece as a Brand Identity. The only way for this is “Sinergia” and Merblong will promote it.