“Roots that go back in time. Branches reaching out for the sun. The pure Messenian fertile land. Our past and present on both sides of the silver-green leaf. This is our family tree. The tree we have grown up with. The respect for our culture. This is LIÁ, our nature’s goodness sealed in a white bottle.”
Our Messenian roots, family roots and tree roots are what we have learnt to love and appreciate. They are not only memories of the past but also our inspiration for the future.
Our land is both mythologically and historically tightly linked to two ancient Greek cultural centres; Nestor's Kingdom and Ancient Messene. These strong bonds with the past are a basic source of inspiration, in order to offer you one of the fundamental goods of Messenian culture which we deeply respect: our unique extra virgin olive oil.
Our Koronèiki variety olive groves, are situated close to Mount Egaleo and cooled by the breeze of the Ionian sea - whose exceptional quality of soil interacts with the unique microclimate. All these factors contribute to olive cultivation in optimum environmental conditions. As a result we produce olive oil of excellent quality whose special features comprise a combination of a fruity, bitter and pungent taste and flavour apart from its exceptionally low acidity.We do everything that is required, combining traditional methods of cultivation which we have learnt from our parents with modern techniques in order to respect the sustainability of the ecosystem.
We come from the land where our ancestors produced and traded olive oil ever since the Mycenaean period. For their trade they have invented an entire script, Linear B. Inspired by this, we created a modern logo-symbol which is conceivable, comprehensible and it embodies our land’s connection with the Olive Tree and the Olive Oil. It refers to the traditional way and means used to produce olive oil.  The bottle is very contemporary and chic, yet rich in tradition and cultural history.
We put LIÁ olive oil into a well - designed opaque white bottle to keep your olive oil away from light and to preserve its top quality. We promise to offer this Messenian bliss over your family or friendly gatherings.
LIÁ premium extra virgin olive oil brings along with its exceptional taste and flavour, the warm and true smile of our family.
This is the story of LIÁ Olive Oil, your olive oil born from the roots of bliss.