Salty Bag
Salty Bag was founded and operates in Corfu since March 2013. It's an upcycling company focused on collecting decommissioned and thrown away sailboat sails and handcrafting them into exquisitely designed bags and travel accessories.
Because every Salty bag is one-of-a-kind, made from a unique sail, we take care to research and share with you its singular history. Every sail that becomes a Salty Bag has travelled the seas for years and thousands of nautical miles. Stories of storms that shredded sails, World championships won, trans-Atlantic crossings made, quiet and fulfilling lives cruising the Aegean Sea, make up some of the tales that each Salty Bag has to offer.
We are passionately interested in preserving these stories, and turning them into beautiful, well-designed items produced and handcrafted in Greece. Our design philosophy is infused with principles of upcycling (redefining what is waste and giving it new life and new value), as well as designing every Salty Bag so it may be reused or become something else besides trash in the future, and adhering wherever possible to a principle of sourcing locally. Lastly we want our company to do good were it can. With this in mind, in Spring 2014 we will be launching the Road to Rio line. Former World and European champions, Olympic medalists and Olympic hopefuls will be donating the sails that took them to the pinnacle of their sport. With these we will create a line whose proceeds will fund the Olympic dreams of our best sailors. 
Our vision is to grow our company based, as it is, at the extreme western end of Greece, creating locally designed, locally crafted absolutely unique products, in a sustainable manner, designed and marketed to a global consumer.
We are currently in 16 shops around Greece. The international customer can find our products on our website and our Facebook page is growing at a rate of more than 500 members a month. 2014 will see us launching new lines, exciting new partnerships and our first footholds in Europe.