Inolivia® is the corporate extension of the Banavas Estate® olive grove in Chalkidiki. The company has been established in November 2011 solely with family funds and resources in order to highlight the rich flavour of Chalkidiki Green Olives (PDO – EC Reg. 426/2012) - a flavour which distinguishes Inolivia® green olives from other olives in Greece or elsewhere. That is why we continuously invest in specializing our production and commercial processes purely around Chalkidiki Green Olives, aiming at perfecting them.
The accumulated knowledge of four generations in Chalkidiki olive tree cultivation and harvesting in Banavas Estate® led to the production of olive fruit products of exceptional quality and high nutritional value. Inolivia® products are offered to enrich the range of modern diet and to delicately decorate the family table.
In the near future, we are aiming at presenting Agoureleo Chalkidikis Inolivia® in our products palette following its recent designation of protected origin (PDO – EC Reg. 581/2013). Agoureleo Chalkidikis is an extra virgin olive oil, produced by pressing the fruit of the indigenous varieties of olive, the ‘Hondrolia Halkidikis’ and ‘Halkidikis’ of the species Olea Europaea. The olives are harvested and pressed before they are completely ripe, when the fruit is still green.
Banavas Estate® agricultural production practices are acknowledged by recognized certification and inspection bodies to be compliant to rules of common acceptance and to systems of Integrated Management in Agricultural Production. Inolivia® supplier, processing and packaging partnerships are certified to be compliant to international standards dealing with food safety.
Chalkidiki, our generous land
The Banavas Estate® grove is located in the small settlement of Mikro Vavdo in Chalkidiki, in the shadows of mountain Vigla and overlooking the emerald sea. In this land, our olive trees grow under ideal conditions and generate the unique green olives of Chalkidiki. This land inspired us to start Inolivia®. A family business devoted itself to disseminate Chalkidiki Green Olives!
It all began four generations ago, with merely few trees that came from the Holy Mountain (Mount Athos) and gave us ways to survive and reasons to live. This is why we have decided to honor our olive groves - to glorify their fruits. To treat them with the respect they deserve. Today we have thousands of trees, having created one single, ultra modern, and strictly regulated grove. 
Those who dare win
This is the ancient Greek motto that encapsulates our philosophy. After their travels and professional experiences in Greece, the UK and Germany, our family converted education, knowledge and skills into an ambitious venture. We invested in land, channeling our energy and creativity in nature.
The inherited knowledge and experience of four generations created a unique new product, so nutritious and pure that, through the mildest processing, ensures excellent quality and high nutritional value.
Chalkidiki Green Olives!
In this land, our olive trees grow under ideal conditions and generate the unique green olives of Chalkidiki. This entire operation is self-financed and its people hold the absolute control of the raw material, the production, packaging, distribution and sales. All these lead to products of exceptional quality: firm flesh, juicy flavors, and exceptional culinary combinations with unexpected fillings. Inolivia® olives after carefully selected are hand-stuffed with selected fillings, such as: almonds, garlic and red peppers, or marinated in mixtures seasoned with herbs from the Greek nature.
Our effort to achieve the creation of high quality products includes our cooperation with exceptional associates that inspect, certify and undertake each production stage, so as to guarantee the creation of a gourmet, healthy, and tasty product, as well as of unprecedented combinations.
This is how Inolivia® was created; as a child of tradition, technology and creativity. Inolivia is based on love for innovation and its creators’ devotion to high quality products. A pallet filled with the flavors, colors and aromas of the Greek nature.