In the northwestern part of Greece and in altitudes up to 1200m high there is a place with high mountains, rich forests, fresh air, clean lakes and fertile pure soil. This is our blessed land where we produce some of the best pulses in the world.
The name is Arosis (which means ploughing in our native tongue) and we are a Greek family company that has been producing and packaging pulses for three generations now.
Since 1956, we have grown our pulses and rice in small family farms in the Prespes and Kastoria lakes area, on the mountains of Grevena and around the rivers and costal areas of Thessaloniki, in ideal microclimate conditions.
Our farmers are hands-on every day with traditional farming techniques; so it is really no wonder our pulses’ and rice’s premium quality goes beyond anything mass-produced you have ever tried. 
Our initiatives and innovations:
  • We were the 1st Greek company that produced organic pulses back in 1998
  • We were the 1st Greek company that organized our farmers under the system of integrated Management for our conventional cultivations. So we succeeded to have conventional pulses very close to organic.
  • We are the only company that deworms all our products in a total ecological way with no use of substances so our consumers can enjoy a totally safe food.
The pulses and rice we are proud to call our own taste so good because they embody our philosophy: to always produce goods of value, the right way, at the right time.