Building on growing international interest in the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and taking advantage of the country’s unique weather and soil conditions, Foodrinco offers the world a range of the fine Greek wines and olive oils. Significant experience in the industry and direct involvement in the production of its goods, afford the company a competitive advantage and a strong sense of responsibility as a representative of both Greek business and products.
Strong Foundations
Founded in 1988, the company is part of the Vytogiannis Group of Companies, which has been active in the Greek food and beverage industry for over sixty years. Within Greece, Foodrinco supplies retailers, wholesalers and the HO.RE.CA sector, and its product portfolio comprises bottled waters, local wines, spirits and soft drinks. The company boasts newly built warehouse facilities that cover an area of 7000 sq. meters and a thorough Quality Assurance Department that works tirelessly to ensure high quality across all aspects of the company’s operations.
Time to Expand
After over twenty years of activity in the domestic market, Foodrinco’s management decided it was time to expand operations beyond the borders. With a strong belief in the unparalleled quality of the country’s produce, the company commenced international activities in 2011. Foodrinco aims to establish itself as a global distributor of fine Greek products and currently offers a select range of wines from the Chrisochoou Estate, Palivos Estate and Limnos Organic Wines, along with a variety extra virgin olive oils under the company’s own brand ‘Harmonia’.
A Taste of Greece
Foodrinco’s staff sees themselves as ambassadors of Greek gastronomy. Using only the best, hand-picked olives and processing them through cold extraction within a few hours of collection, the company produces fine olive oils that retain all their nutrients and boast superior flavors and very low acidity. And since Foodrinco is involved in every aspect of production—from cultivation and processing through to packaging and distribution—it can guarantee the exceptional quality of the products.
Foodrinco benefits from Vytogiannis Group’s accumulated experience and knowledge of the market and combines these with the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit of its management team. The company prides itself on quality products, an excellent standard of service and its insistence on building long-term business partnerships based on integrity, reliability and respect.
The Innovative Edge
Foodrinco aims to become an established global distributor of fine Greek products that will represent the country internationally—what better way to achieve this than to offer a range of products which are not just Greek, but local? The company’s portfolio for international markets consists of fine products carefully selected for their superior quality and characteristics, and most are labeled PDO, PGI or VQPRD to indicate their precise origin and the unique environmental conditions of their production.
Like many Greek companies, Foodrinco has felt the effects of the financial crisis, particularly so through a drop in sales volume. To maximize efficiency and make itself more competitive, the company has implemented fully automated procedures and has invested heavily in state-of-the-art software and hardware systems to optimize administration, production and logistics.
Goals for 2013
Foodrinco has made it its goal to—at least—maintain last year’s sales volumes, and to expand its international operations by concluding agreements with two new distributors in the United States.
Foodrinco is active in Greece, Cyprus and China, and is also working on expansion into France, UK and the USA.