Taste a Kings Olive Oil
A new philosophy, a fresh approach to an ancient product… Our ambition is to place 'EPSILON' in the position that it deserves, in selected market spots worldwide, reminding that olives and olive oil represent.... Greece!
Epsilon is a unique product, with a story that dates back to ancient years, bringing to mind legends with Kings, Princes and Palaces... Around 1300 BC, in the Mycenaean Kingdom of Nestor, the olive tree was considered as the sacred tree of life.
Right where his palace was, atop Englianos hill, endless olive groves have been flourishing ever since, producing unfailingly olive oil of exquisite quality. In this very land, people have always lived with a sole concern: the growing of their olive trees.
In this land, lies Nikolos Filippopoulos olive grove estate. Our ancestors have taught us to love olive tree crop and respect it as something sacred. They used it as a natural remedy for healing and they also taught us to offer it as handed to us: natural, pure and precious.
Τhe Epsilon has a strong aroma and its flavor is rich and unique. It comes out from the best variety of olives, the koroneiki, which is grown in the municipality of Nestor near the Navarino castle in Kalamata.
It acidity is less than 0.3 without any processing, and the secret to its excellent quality lies on the traditional, natural and limited production.
It’s worth tasting it…