SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A., owned by Greek entrepreneur Panos Germanos, is a fully Greek company guided by consistent vision and strategy. Since its establishment in 1991, SUNLIGHT has evolved into a success story “made in Greece” and has succeeded not only in maintaining a healthy and dynamic business profile, but also in sustaining continuous growth.
Relying on top-quality, innovative products and services, coupled to exemplary customer service, SUNLIGHT offers turn-key energy solutions which are fully adapted to meet the needs of its customers.
Headquartered in Greece and operating its manufacturing plant in Neo Olvio, Xanthi, in Northern Greece, the Company has successfully entered numerous markets abroad and is today exporting 98% of its production across the globe, with an autonomous entrepreneurial presence in 9 countries and an active client list in more than 100 countries.
The Company’s flagship products are its batteries for industrial, advanced and consumer use, which go hand-in-hand with its participation in complex projects involving the production and distribution of energy. The Company’s energy solutions create value by fully meeting the highly demanding requirements in sectors such as Heavy Industry, Supply Chain and Logistics, Telecommunications, IT, Renewable Energy Sources, Defence, Construction and Infrastructure.
SUNLIGHT is today ranked among Europe’s top five manufacturers of industrial batteries and among the world’s top three manufacturers of advanced technology batteries. The secret of the Company’s success? Its continuous investment in human resources, new technologies and infrastructure, and its strategic partnerships with established business around the world.
The Company has carried out a broad range of innovative research projects, is a firm believer in systematic education and training, and relies – for each and every one of its business moves – on a team of 600 highly-qualified employees in Greece and abroad.
Having established its presence in the European market, the Company is constantly assessing and taking advantage of opportunities in new markets of particular business interest, such as South America, the Middle East, Africa and the Asian countries.
SUNLIGHT is steadfast committed to growth, research and innovation, a commitment materialized via new investments. A recent example of the Company’s strategy and commitment is the construction of Europe’s most modern recycling plant for Lead Acid Batteries – an investment of more than €20 million in Komotini, Northern Greece (Komotini Industrial Area).
This new investment is expected to enhance SUNLIGHT’s competitiveness and dynamic growth both in the Greek and global markets.