Greek Food Obsessions
The idea of creating Greek Food Obsessions was born after answering a very simple question: What does Greece have to offer? We are not car manufacturers, nor do we have nuclear plants. We can however give the rest of the world the chance to taste a bit of Greece through our traditional, unique products, that even Greeks cannot find easily at the market.
Greek Food Obsessions is a team of people passionate about Greek food and obsessed with quality products. We traveled all over Greece, from Evros to Crete, in order to discover natural and quality Greek products. Our mission is to offer unique Greek selected products, created in the rich sun and soil of Greece that have nurtured longevity for thousands of years. Extra virgin olive oil, olive pate, honey with roasted walnuts, sun dried tomato pate, roasted in shell pistachio, three flavoured sea salt with saffron and smoked green olives are only some of Greek Food Obsessions products. 
We are proud to have a personal relationship with all of our suppliers and their selection is made according to the strictest criteria. We are working together in order for the world to discover some of the core values of Greek products like: quality, taste, love for nature, sun, sea and healthy diet.
The Greek Food Obsessions project supports the idea of advertising Greece through the healthy Mediterranean diet against the corpulence and health problems.
The company believes that there is a great opportunity (which the company wants to exploit) through synergies… to promote Greek products between Greek companies, embassies and chambers. The investment will promote the "good side" of Greece and its wonderful products, through agro-tourism.
Greece can attract high level tourism clientele, who will be the ambassadors of our country when they will return back home. When they seek and search for a similar feeling back home…they can taste Greek Food Obsessions products!
The company cooperates with suppliers all over Greece, standardizes and aims to promote to international markets unique Greek traditional products (products that even Greek consumers do not know)