Astarti is based on the island of Kythera, Greece. It is a family business which has been involved in organic farming since 1992, and went commercial when Astarti was established in 2001. Since then the business has been engaged in the production, packaging and trading of organic and traditional Kytherian products.    
Astarti’s goal and philosophy
  • The promotion of organic farming on the island of Kythera
  • The processing and development of local produce.
  • The marketing of high quality Kytherian primary produce to consumers in Greece and abroad.
  • The promotion of environmental awareness for the protection of Kythera’s natural resources.
  • The assurance of ethics in every collaboration.
Astarti is one of the first companies in Greece engaged in the standardization of quality organic olive oil which it markets in elegant packaging aiming to highlight the true value of the product.
 Astarti today
·         Produces from the field direct  to the store shelf and trades only top quality traditional organic products
·         Produces goods according to domestic market demands with capability for exporting
·         Has earned international recognition in relation to its organic olive oil and today exports 65% of its production
·         Is extending into new products and services and is developing relationships in accordance with fair trade practices
·         Promotes organic agriculture with respect to the environment within which it operates