The House of Olive
“The House of Olive” is the creation of four young people who decided to invest in the production and packaging of top quality extra virgin olive oil. Passionate for olive oil taste and full of childhood memories from their family owned olive groves, Michael, Maria, Tasos and Zoe are aiming to create special extra virgin olive oil products by following their family tradition.
“The House of Olive” extra virgin olive oil is exclusively produced by the family olive groves situated at the region of Eastern Corinth, Peloponnese and from the olive fields of selected producers who follow strict methods that ensure excellent quality at every stage of olive production.
In the first two years of operation, “The House of Olive” has already launched four special extra virgin olive oil products, each with its own distinct taste and aroma that reflects the different characters of the four people who are behind the creation of the concept. The four products (“classic”, “bio”, “with orange flavor” and “with black pepper flavor”) are already “travelling” to the markets of Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Spain and America. The goal of “The House of Olive” people is to expand rapidly the company’s exports while their vision is to continue “creating new, extra virgin olive oil products of excellent quality, with innovative packaging and at an affordable price”.