Boutari Wineries
Boutari owns six wineries in Greece that are situated in some of the most important wine-making regions of Greece: Naoussa, Santorini, Peloponissos, Crete, Goumenissa, and Attica, and one winery in Southern France, near the city of Limoux and within the greater wine region of Languedoc.
In 1990 Boutari Company was the first winery to open its doors to the public, to wine connoiseurs visiting Santorini. Today, more than 50.000 visitors visit the 4 open-to-public Boutari wineries (Naoussa, Goumenissa, Santorini, Crete) each year in Greece.
Through its wineries, Boutari Company played a crucial role in the preservation and modernization of viticulture in Greece, and in the evolution of Greek winemaking through the establishment of international winemaking techniques. Boutari winemakers have gained in-depth knowledge of the potential and the special characteristics of each region, by working with indigenous Greek but also with international grape varieties.

Santorini Winery
The Boutari Winery in Santorini, with its distinctive white dome, first operated in 1990, and has played a leading role in the viticultural development of the island. Open to the public, it offers its visitors a complete guided tour. The Boutari Winery is filled with the magical aura of the island of Santorini and promises to be a thrilling experience! The wine-tasting of Santorinian wines, in combination with the local dishes, as well as a journey back in time to the history of the island and to the rebirth of the vineyards of Santorini through a multimedia show of image and sound, put together a truly unforgettable experience.
Crete Winery
The new, Boutari Winery in Crete was completed in early 2004 and is one of the best-equipped, state of the art wineries in Europe. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the cellar, the production area, and the rest of the estate and they can enjoy the impressive multimedia show which has gained major awards at international competitions. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the cellar, the production area, and the rest of the estate. Its impressive multimedia show has gained major awards at international competitions, and offers a unique journey back in time to the history of Crete. A visit to the wine-tasting hall is definitely worthwhile, to enjoy the wines of the Estate, including the experimental ones, accompanied by dishes of the renowned cuisine of Crete.    
Naoussa Winery
A guided tour in the production area, the historical cellar of the Winery and a unique multimedia show, are the best introduction to the history and philosophy of the Boutari company. The history of the company began there, 130 years ago, promoting Greek wine in Greece and abroad, while it has played a leading role in the development of the Greek winemaking ever since. 
This is where the wine-vaults are located, an innovative service for consumers store and maintain wines in perfect condition in a personal vault at the Boutari winery; we can also find old vintages (the oldest Greek red wines in the country) and one of the largest cellars of aged wines with over 3,000 barrels. 
A visit to the winery premises includes a guided tour of the production rooms and the maturation cellars, a presentation about the history of the company and wine, and wine tastings combined with traditional local dishes.
Goumenissa Winery
The Boutari Company revived winemaking and viniculture in the area of Goumenissa in the late 1980s, through financial support to local producers and its investment in the small, local, state of the art Winery. 
Through a tour of the Estate and Winery, followed by wine-tasting of the well known Boutari wines of the region, visitors can explore the extensive in depth and breadth knowledge of Boutari in yet another important wine making region in Greece.