Ether is a dynamic and fast growing company that is active in the energy industry in Greece and the Balkans. The company’s goal is to offer to these markets reliable, state of the art and efficient solutions in order to improve the competitive advantage of its customers.
In Ether we don’t take energy as granted. We design and offer solutions as to how energy is produced, transferred, managed and consumed and how it affects the environment. We aim to minimize the financial and environmental costs of the production and usage of energy in all the aspects of human activity.
Our areas of focus are Energy Management and Savings, Smart Grids, Energy production and Investments in energy.
For each specific area of activity Ether has created a complete “end-to-end” portfolio that includes in-house developed products, know-how, sales and support of its services. This allows us to add value to our services and differentiates us from the competition.
Ether started at the beginning of 2007 by a group of friends and has already succeeded to obtain a significant piece of the market and doubling its turnover every year to 6m€ in 2012. Its customers are large organizations that wish to reduce their energy costs, energy suppliers but also private producers and/or consumers of energy.