Morfi Village
1957 : In Thessalonica, three Craftsmen evolved to property developers. However, they continue working for several years in their field of expertise….trowel, brush, pickaxe; joys, sorrows and crises (oil crisis 1973, earthquakes 1978 etc) come and go. 
1987: Three of their children, after having studied engineering take over and found MORFI. We were given only two advices: ethos and deliver to our children what we took over. The economic cycles follow each other, the advices however that we are still giving to our children and executives remain the same.
2013: Despite the downfall that took place in our country within the Real Estate sector, Morfi is still developing projects in Athens, Thessalonica, Crete, Mykonos and Bucharest, Romania. Morfi is considered to be one of the top companies in the sector of premium residences; this goes to show that if the principles and values are correct and worthy, no crisis can stop you. 
More specifically, our project in Crete fully reflects the values, principles and philosophy of our company. The success of Morfi Village is due to its uniqueness and of course its philosophy, reflecting a client-oriented profile and infrastructure. Thus, buyers from Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and of course Greece have invested in us. 
Specifically, inside the settlement there is a restaurant offering a view that could be found in a Renaissance painting, a grocery store, an infirmary and a reception catering to the needs of the residents. And all of this is set within the beauty of Cretan nature, under a bright sun and close to the exotic beach of Georgioupolis. 
Each and every resident of Morfi Village becomes instantly a member of Morfi’s big family. Our specialty relies on taking care of our residents who have bought a home away from home…and this is something that we have been offering since the 1950’s.