Desmos (the Greek word for”Bond”) is a Non-profit Foundation created by a group of young professionals, that works toward the best utilization of surplus, in kind (e.g. packaged nutritional products, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products, clothing, toys) and in services (e.g. legal, accounting, medical/dental, tech support, web design) from companies and individuals, in order to cover documented needs of social welfare providers, foundations, and other non-profit organizations. Desmos’ ultimate mission is to ensure that every donation goes exactly where it is needed.
To better understand and cater to the needs of social welfare providers, Desmos communicates with a continuously growing number of organizations throughout Greece, verifies the information with on-the spot visits and documents their urgent and long-term needs through continuous follow-ups. 
Desmos has established itself as the intermediary that connects offer with demand giving voice to organizations in needs, while providing valuable information and guidance to potential donors. Since January 2012, Desmos has already contributed to the work of more than 100 organizations reaching out to more than 45,000 people and has collaborated with more than 30 companies.
Desmos has developed a wide range of programs and activities, also operating in a consulting capacity in order to facilitate corporate and/or individual donations and help inform the donor about current needs and priorities. For example, Desmos is collaborating with a multinational corporation to facilitate the distribution of heating petrol to schools in high altitude villages of northern Greece. Furthermore, Desmos coordinates, facilitates, collects and distributes the donation of surplus products according to need (e.g.  4.6 tons of pasta, 1 ton of packaged baked goods, 2.500 personal hygiene products…).
The foundation ultimately aims to provide a platform for the creation of a sustainable solidarity network and the development of social and humanitarian responsibility.