The story of Trikalinos begins in 1856, when the three Trikalinos brothers, Zafeiris, Nikos and Giorgos started Grey Mullet Avgotaraho production and trade in Etoliko. In the 1990’s, after Zafeiris Trikalinos takes over the business, the first certified production facilities for Avgotaraho in Greece are inaugurated. All traditional techniques are conducted under standard procedures that guarantee the quality, hygiene and food safety of Trikalinos products.
It all began from the bold idea to redefine an almost forgotten traditional treasure  -Avgotaraho- known to a limited local market, lacking in taste (rather salty and almost totally dried) and considered as one of the prohibitive foods for diseases related to cardiovascular disease and hypertension. With a great amount of hard work and endless testing in order to balance salting and maintain high moisture contents to the product, they persisted and improved the production process, so as to refine the texture and flavor of the roe. The result is a high-quality product, with a complex umami flavor, velvety texture and an incredibly healthy nutritional profile.
By also improving the product’s overall image dressing it up in the best packaging, Trikalinos Avgotaracho was immediately distinguished among similar products throughout the world and rightfully gained its place in the best delicatessen baskets. Moreover, its excellent flavor and nutritional characteristics managed to attract the most famous chefs of the world.
Trikalinos has grown significantly over the last years, with international partnerships such as the renowed Petrossian house, innovative products like their Avgotaraho Powder which has been recognized across the world and numerous awards for both quality and packaging, making it a product which stands out amongst others in over 150 countries globally. Indeed, great chefs of the global culinary scene have singled it out among which the Spanish Ferran Adria, who considers it as an alternative to caviar and has ranked Trikalinos Bottarga in the 30 best and most nutritious products of the world.
Trikalinos products are exported to Europe, America and Asia, in over 15 countries, steadily building Trikalinos Brand as a synonym of premium products that combine taste and health benefits.