Muscles in Action
In an age when our kids live under the regime of “All Work and No Play”, the latent need to learn through play drove me to design a new educational program, rich in interactive activities, which emphasizes on "learning by playing”. The educational program “Muscles in Action” was created in March of 2005. Its main character, Iasonas (Jason), informs kids, aged 8-16 (with no disability) on issues that have to do with people with disabilities, thus promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of their needs and encourage harmonious coexistence. 
The inspiration for naming the program came from the most important muscle in our body, the heart and the age of people who participate. It is important for everybody with or without disability to exercise the heart by showing interest in everyday life and having a positive attitude. Also, kids between the ages of 8 and 16 children are at the most creative phase of their lives. The goal of the training program is for the students to exercise their brain, and their heart, through conversation, play and artistic activities, so they may learn more about the people with disabilities and accessibility. So be active, use your brain and heart and live your life in action. Change your attitude towards disability and help build a society without discrimination.
In “Muscles in Action” kids live in “DreamCity” with the motto “Every Dream Counts!”. The kids, while in “DreamCity”, have an interactive experience with blindness and the use of wheel chairs, build a school and a restaurant that are wholly accessible to people with physical disabilities, participate in Q&A sessions, design puzzles, and play sports. In addition to living in “DreamCity”, “Muscles in Action” also includes other educational activities, which aim to improve attitudes and behaviors towards people with physical disabilities.
In total 50.000 kids have participated in the “Muscles In Action”. Our vision is to develop a collaborative team with educational institutions, science centers, non-for profit organizations and big multi-ethnical companies working together to develop awareness towards a less discriminatory world. We plan to achieve this by creating new interactive activities using the newest advances in technological software, recreational and sporting events.