The Caravan Project
The Caravan Project is a travelogue in crisis-stricken Greece aiming at bringing people’s untold stories into the foreground while focusing on the richness and diversity of human narration. Employing a variety of media - documentary, portrait photography, sound recording etc.- and powerful character-based storytelling The Caravan’s Project vision is to diffuse everyday life stories, ignored by the mainstream mass media that can inspire and motivate others. 
We look for people who deal creatively with resistance, continue to dream and act in accordance to their inner needs, escape the ordinary, celebrate diversity…People who are adventurous, daring, disobedient and have the power to take destiny into their own hands. Alternative lifestyle philosophies, different realities, emerging social values and new collectives are highlighted through such people’s stories. 
In times of uncertainty and social reality in flux The Caravan Project initiative wishes to contribute to the development of a creative dialogue between various social entities and to act as a catalyst for positive social change. Our ultimate goal is to launch Another World is Here, an educational and cultural platform that will use The Caravan’s Project stories as a vibrant educational resource and reach out for more people in cities, villages, schools and universities. Ideally, we would like to offer alternatives to a monodimensional education system and bring people closer to the poetry and sensibility that such human stories emit.
If our veins carry blood towards our hearts to make them beat loud, then human stories bring truths, able to make collective destiny sound crystal clear to the countless souls connected to it. In turbulent times storytelling is a revolutionary act that can increase resistance and wake up our longing for life, thus bring us closer to the core of human existence.
The Caravan Project is a journey to a distant destination, a place in the future where people are connected and inspired by the power of human stories, a different and diverse lifestyle against homogeneity is celebrated and where any human tone of a melody can be heard at once and along with all the others.