EN.O. Greece
EN.O. Greece based in Thessaloniki is a dynamic network of schools - first of its kind in Greece - aiming at promoting Greek culture and raising environmental awareness through innovative learning activities, hosting students from all over the world and the exchange of thoughts and ideas between international school communities.
Through the program “Young ambassadors of Greece”, students from foreign countries – such as Cyprus, Malaysia, Turkey, Gambia, Georgia and Argentina – are called to communicate their experiences in order to overturn the negative stereotypes that surround our country and build new ties of friendship once they return home. Overall, 52 countries will already be participating. 
Our end goal is to enhance the environmental and cultural activity in Greece and highlight Greece as a potential school tourism destination.
EN.O Greece acts in close collaboration with the EN.O Finland (Environment Online), in which schools from over 150 countries participate. Thousands of students, teachers, institutions and engaged citizens have the possibility to communicate with each other, learn from each other’s culture, share their concerns and propose solutions for a better future.