Volunteer4Greece.gr is an online search platform for volunteer work positions within non-profit organizations. It is the first online search engine for volunteer work in Greece, which allows nonprofit organizations and citizen groups to posts their positions for volunteers and correspondingly, any individual to search for volunteer roles by region and category throughout the country.
Volunteer4Greece.gr was created in order to bridge the gap between organizations looking to fill specific volunteer positions and those who wish to give their time voluntarily, but do not know where to find suitable roles, and it targets everyone who wants to volunteer, including students seeking their first work experience, unemployed people who want to stay active and connected, and retirees with energy, knowledge and experience and the will to use them for the common good.
Some of the nonprofits listed in Volunteer4Greece are We, Doctors of the World, The Smile of the Child, the Organisation of the Earth, Praxis, the Foundation of the Hellenic World, Desmos and many others.
Volunteer4Greece is managed by a team of young professionals based in Greece and abroad, and the services are provided without cost, both to the nonprofit organizations and to the volunteers.