Mastic Spa
Mastic Spa – the only cosmetic line based on mastic, a timeless and treasured Greek wonder ingredient that for centuries has provided those in the know with astonishing health and beauty benefits –with a comprehensive range of effective and unique natural beauty products.
Mastic Spa is a one of a kind company – a product of both tradition and the latest research. The key ingredient to every product made by Mastic Spa is mastic, a legendary substance in Greece which has been celebrated for centuries.
Mastic is a rare, pearly-white, resinous gum found at the heart of the mastic tree, a tree which grows only one place in the world - in the Southern region of the Greek island, Chios. 
Mastic has been scientifically proven to have strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. In combination with other natural ingredients, mastic oil provides superior cleansing, hydrates skin and hair, slows the effects of aging on the face, aids in the healing of burns and scars, and protects the teeth and gums.