Eumelia, which means harmony, is a unique sustainable development and agrotourism accommodation that also runs workshops and events for wellbeing, agricultural activities, creative projects and gastronomy. Our organic farm is designed along the principles of Homeodynamic/Biodynamic agriculture, and our accommodation facilities are created using entirely eco-friendly materials and technology, such as recycling, compost, geothermic heating/cooling and water recycling. Located in the prefecture of Laconia near the village of Gouves, we welcome visitors from Greece and around the world to visit us throughout the year.

Feeling the need to approach our relationship with nature with respect and a new ethos, not simply wanting to receive from her but to provide an atmosphere where we give back or at least create the ground where nature can replenish and heal herself, we began to create our organic farm. 

We proceeded with this in mind during the design period, we wanted to create a dialogue between the plants themselves as well as the humans working there and visiting. Our wish was to cultivate our farm and create products in a way that it was both beneficial to our human needs as well as the needs of the soil and the plants.

Take a walk around our organic farm and pick fruits directly from our fruit trees, hop on a mountain bike and visit the surrounding hills and farms, work with us and pick olives, almonds, grapes and herbs. Relax and lets us take care of your culinary needs with fresh vegetables from our organic garden. Read your book or paint the amazing Laconic Mountains, Parnonas and Taygetos. During your stay at our eco hotel or your daily visit to our organic farm you can participate in many of the agricultural activities taking place throughout the day.