Collaborative mindset and co-creation for a sustainable tomorrow are core values of Loft2work, founded in spring 2011 and based in the neighborhood of Kerameikos, combining traditional Athens with the rhythms of modern times.
Aligned to the needs of professionals living in a constantly changing environment, the socioeconomic as cultural frameworks of Greece and with love for the new, Loft2work is operating as a social enterprise and coworking space empowering creative economy, especially social economy, while being the only space of its kind in Greece.
Τhe community based around and in Loft2work is supported by a variety of collaborations and events, discussions inspired by documentaries, music and art but also a growing network of national and international initiatives, organizations, educational institutions and companies.
Recently, Loft2work Thessaloniki opened its doors inside the area of VILKA, Georgiou Andreou 21, providing a similar environment to the creative human capital of the city.