Mediterra winery is located in Kounavi village, right at the heart of the Appellation zone of Peza in Crete, Greece. This is where we have been making wine from the island’s indigenous grape varieties since 1973. Characterized by mild winters with high humidity and warm dry summers, the Cretan climate - in combination with the cool breezes that blow from the mountains and the Aegean sea - extend the ripening process of the grapes. As a result, our grapes have marvelous aromas and good balance between sugars and acidity. This, combined with our expertise and passion, helps us bring the unique characteristics of both local and international grape varieties to spotlight, as well as exploit the viniculture potential of our homeland.  
At Mediterra winery we create wines that are distributed in Greece and in 25 countries worldwide. The white Xerolithia, the red Mirambelo and the Nea Gaia series (white, rose and red) are our most popular and frequently awarded wines in the most prestigious domestic and international competitions. Further Mediterra winery wines are the red Antama (organic), the red Pyrorago with long aging potential, the crispy rose Rodili, as well as Anassa, our exquisite white wine, aged in oak. Anassa can also be found in Berry & Rudd, the oldest wine merchant in the UK.
Our aim and vision is to establish Mediterra winery amongst the elite of Greek wineries. During the recent years, we have achieved this by implementing an investment program that placed Mediterra winery amongst Greece’s best equipped wineries. Today, we are certified for four systems, both in the vineyards as well as in the final products. This, along with the terroir of the vineyards we select, the positive energy, the healthy mood, the passion and the deep knowledge, allow us to create and offer unique wines to those who considers wine as part of their lifestyle.