LOUX Marlafekas
After 62 years of consistent production, LOUX MARLAFEKAS S.A. is the largest Greek company in the soft drink / beverage and 100% natural juice industry, ranking in at third place of total market share.
With the company’s philosophy based around the consumer, LOUX MARLAFEKAS S.A., has made its name synonymous with quality and taste, maintaining its firm quality control standards, throughout its production line and all of their commercial activities.
Using only natural Greek resources, along with experience, tradition and passion, they have created a unique flavor, derived from their own authentic traditional recipe, which the company maintains unchanged all of these years. The main ingredients of their drinks is the high quality water of Kefalovryso springs, with the addition of natural fruit juices that are selected under strict criteria and the ideal balance of carbonated soda, which gives our soft drinks, a unique and refreshing taste of Greece.The company's product line also includes 100% fruit juices, with four delicious flavors that contain all the essential vitamins and nutrients.
Having established its name in the soft drink industry, LOUX MARLAFEKAS S.A. continues to grow, planning to create new, innovative products for both the Greek market and to overseas markets where its presence is constantly growing. Its main goal is to offer a new generation of products, with high quality standards, made for the modern consumer needs with the unique flavor of LOUX.
The company's awareness to the needs of the consumer is not only producing top quality products, but also to incorporate its Social Responsibility and Goodwill program that they have developed, integrating a series of actions related to environmental protection, support and strengthening local communities and support towards vulnerable social groups.