Domaine Paterianakis is a pioneer in Crete in the production of wine from organically-grown grapes. The privately owned vineyards within the estate started being cultivated since 1988, when the grandfather embarked on the family’s first winemaking venture. Continuing on the family’s long tradition, the vineyards still produce local and rare grape varieties (Thrapsathiri, Moschato Spinas, Vidiano, Kotsifali and Mandilari), while new international varieties have also been added.
The estate is located on a mountainous region in the village Melesses, within the broader area of Peza, which has been known since antiquity for the exceptional quality and unique taste of its wines.The estate’s vineyards belong to an organically-sensitive Protected Designation Of Origin (PDO) area. Three wine labels are produced with care and expertise.
The top one is the same-named PDO red wine, followed by Melissinos, white, rose and red and the recently launched Melissokipos red and white. The winemaking tradition continues, though, through a constant quest for new flavors under new labels in the future!
All of the estate’s products come from organically-grown grapes. Contributing to the effort towards the sustainable development of rural areas through alternative forms of tourism, the estate also houses a complex with luxurious suites to accommodate wine tourists. This unique experience offers you the opportunity to combine exquisite organic wines with wine tourism activities within the estate. The doors are always open to visitors who wish to take a tour around the estate, and enjoy our wines and the famous Cretan hospitality.