ExelGroup invests in innovation and offers reliable solar products
The key feature of ExelGroup since its inception in 1978 (with another corporate form then) was the early identification of needs and trends of the Greek economy, and trying to meet them with innovative products and quality services.
During the 80's, when the agricultural production in our country was growing, the company invested in manufacturing irrigation pipes and starred in the industry.In the late 90's, with construction activity under way, major infrastructure projects in their start and the 2004 Olympics approaching, the company expanded to produce steel products for the needs of building and road construction.
In 2008, the new management of the company takes the strategic decision to enter the field of renewable energy and especially solar power, anticipating that the developments in the field will be spectacular. Landmark for the evolution of ExelGroup was the construction, in 2009, of a modern bioclimatic production plant of high standards photovoltaic modules, within the industrial area of Kilkis Stavrochori.
The company installs art manufacturing equipment, selects and trains the scientific and productive staff and within a year begins the production of photovoltaic modules. Furthermore, the company utilizes the steel construction factory of St. Athanasius, Thessaloniki, to produce mounting structures systems with high-strength hot-dip galvanised steel.
Today, the company, thanks to its specialized technical department and its innovative production techniques is able to provide high quality solutions perfectly tailored to specific customer requirements. The photovoltaic panels and mounting systems of ExelGroup, having been successfully tested in very demanding installations, have now gained the confidence of the investment community, thus creating the conditions for the company to become a strong business unit in Greece and abroad.
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