Olympic Brewery
Olympic Brewery S.A. is a purely Greek and dynamically developing company, founded in January 2010. The company holds the brands of the premium lager FIX Hellas, which is the first and most historic Greek beer brand and of the lager premium FIX Dark, which is a highly innovative alternative to the black beer market.
Olympic Brewery’s high-end facilities, equipped with the latest technology, are located in Ritsona area, at Evia, covering an area of 7,500 sq.m. The brewery contains three bottling lines, one for each type of product packaging, while the production capacity of the brew house exceeds 500,000 hectoliters of beer on an annual basis. Moreover, all production processes are consistent with environmental friendly procedures.
Olympic Brewery not only operates but also thinks based on the Greek mentality from the very first time. Through the Contractual Barley Cultivation program that the company implements in order to use Greek barley for the production of its products, Olympic Brewery invests responsibly in raw material, while supports in practice the national economy and local producers. At the same time, the company’s products stand as “worthy ambassador” of Greece, since, by early 2012, FIX Hellas beer is also available in a total of 15 foreign dynamic markets. 
With the expertise required together with passion and enthusiasm for what they do, Olympic Brewery’s personnel sets as permanent priority the supply of high quality and reliable products, marked with the Greek stamp. Without negotiating the strict control and safety procedures, Olympic Brewery aims to meet the real consumer needs, every day, in the best possible way.