Papagiannakos Winery
Close to Athens, in the region of Attica, is the area known as Mesogaia. It is here that amongst acres and acres of fine vineyards, we encounter the winery by the name of Papagiannakos. The winery is situated close to the spot where a temple to Artemis once stood -a sanctuary to Dionysus, the God of wine. It is from these mythological beginnings that the wine making in Mesogaia has been wrought and at the dawn of the 20th century, in the year 1919, the Papagiannakos family was to produce the first barrel of fine Papagiannakos wine, right at the heart of Mesogaia. 
The warm climate of the Mediterranean, combined with the fine dry Attica soil were to ensure the quality of the wine, which proved to be exceptional, and the Papagiannakos family, with the guarantee of the climate gifts of the Gods, was to enter a second generation of winemaking, which did not only succeed in upholding the quality set by tradition, but to ensure that their future was to be dedicated to the continued enhancement of the quality of the Papagiannakos wines. During the 1960s a great deal was done to bring the technology of the winery up to date, and simultaneously, novel winemaking methods were adopted and incorporated into the family's traditional expertise. 
The dawn of the 21st century finds the third generation of the Papagiannakos family in their new bioclimatic winery especially designed and constructed according to new and innovative bioclimatic standards equipped with the latest technological achievements in winemaking, producing nine unique wines. Each wine is the fruit of the family's tradition, which goes back nearly a century, possesses a full and balanced taste, and eagerly awaits to be enjoyed by the connoisseur.
The Winery which marks a new era, and is ideally situated among the vines on the old site of a former monastery,offers specialized tours of the winery and the cellars initiating the visitors to the magic world of wine, organized educational visits for schools, a fully equipped Conference room, the ideal venue for all kinds of business meetings and seminars as well as for social events provided with the unique service of the highest catering service available.