Gine Agrotis

Freshly cut seasonal vegetables and fruit of excellent quality, at your doorstep from the farm, with a simple click! The idea behind Gine Agrotis (the name means 'Become a farmer') is that anyone living in the city can rent a patch of land from a farmer, tell him what they would like grown on it, and get their own fresh vegetables delivered to them weekly. And unlike some services elsewhere, it costs them on average 70% less than at the supermarket or greengrocers.
Gine Agrotis is a social enterprise, creating a direct connection between the consumer and the producer, bypassing intermediaries and thus significantly bringing down costs…it’s an alternative way of organizing food production and distribution.
The consumers through the web page can select the plot and the products that they want cultivated. Young farmers undertake the “job”, by producing seasonal vegetables and fruit, according to the principles of biological agriculture. The consumer can “interact” with the process of production, get informed about the course of the harvest an has the possibility to visit the patch of land he has rented.

Inspired by Dimitris Koutsolioutsos, the vision behind this project is the improvement of the quality of life in the urban landscape, by reconnecting the city dwellers with the rural values.