Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Messinia
Euripides called Messinia “the land of the good fruit” (“Καλλίκαρπο “) for its beauty and its fertile rich earth. Messinia, the land of the Olive Tree and of the Olive Oil, yields the world famous Kalamata Olives and Kalamata Olive Oil, which are brought in every corner of the world by the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Messinia. The Union was founded in 1987 and its goal is to secure the interests of the cooperatives and the high quality of the products produced in the region.
Due to the special significance given to the food sector, the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Messinia has established a modern chemical laboratory that is fully equipped. With the properly trained staff that it has, it is in the position to meet the high standards set nowadays by international regulations on matters of food safety and quality. Both olive oil and olives have been awarded in international quality and taste competitions.
The Union uses for raw materials only products from Messinia and especially coming from their cooperatives, so that it can insure the high quality of the final product, which is also exported around the world, in countries such as Canada, USA, India, Japan, China, South Africa, Georgia, Mexico, UK, Nederland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Latvia and Kuwait.
Messinia Union is a responsible cooperative stakeholder, by offering the first climate neutral extra virgin olive oil since it compensates the amount of emissions that correspond to the production of 200 tons extra virgin olive oil, according to the calculation of the carbon footprint. Furthermore, the Union innovates with the mobile application E-farmer which allows consumers to interact in real time with producers, which shall record all the cultivation procedures such as plant protection applications, harvests, fertilizations etc.
All of Messinia is a vast Olive Grove. Propitious climate, sunshine and small holding allow each grower to take loving care of each olive tree and secure superior quality of its products and thus create the ideal ambassador of Greek agriculture internationally.