Ergon started as a selection of traditional Greek products from all over Greece. In our attempt to redefine aesthetically and quality wise the term “traditional”, we came across the dilemma if “traditional” means “old” or not. Eventually we decided that “traditional” does not mean “old” and we moved on.

We then created contemporary packaging, products and recipes always keeping the high quality “like the old ones used to do”. Products were sourced from small, independent, honest producers who have stayed truthful to what they know best.

And then came along the deli. We chose not to revive traditional delis from the past but to design a new, modern space, very 2011, that would endorse all these Greek delicacy gems the way they deserved.. We also wanted to ensure that the space reflected the scents, pictures and memories from every single Greek product found in there.

For the restaurant “Mezedopolion”, our bet was to redefine traditional Greek recipes being based on the idea of “meze”. We took our mates on board and begun building a mezedopolion. Our next bet is bigger and more challenging than ever. In Novemner 2013 Ergon “Mezedopolion” and deli was inaugurated in London, a contemporary space with top end cuisine, redefining and repositioning Greek gastronomy in the British market. Brussells will be the next stop, and within Greece in the following months Ergon will also be present in Lefkada. 

In ERGON we believe that everyone should be doing what he knows to do best, what he was taught and loves doing. This is our rationale expressed throughout our products.

Fine Greek Products