KORRES is a Greek skincare brand, born out of Athens’ first ever homeopathic pharmacy in 1996.
The first KORRES product was an aromatic herbal throat-soothing syrup with honey and aniseed; a recipe inspired by ‘rakomelon’, a warming spirit-with-honey concoction, which George’s grandfather used to make in his hometown on the island of Naxos. Today the KORRES portfolio includes over 400 natural and certified organic products, with brand presence in 30 markets. In addition to the stand-alone KORRES stores – 25 stores worldwide in the cities of Athens, New York, Paris, Madrid and Singapore amongst others – the brand’s products can also be found at exclusive department stores in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Milan, Berlin, Sydney, Hong Kong and in over 6,500 pharmacies in its homeland, Greece.

Based on its pharmacy experience in over 3,000 homeopathic remedies of herbal origin, KORRES is focusing on primary and applied research regarding natural ingredients and formulations. The KORRES Research & Development Lab is involved in European Research Projects in partnership with Greek and international Universities and since 2009, it has been working closely with an International Independent Scientific Board. This board consists of high profile professors/researchers and it aims to fully explore the clinical benefits of natural active ingredients in relation to skin biochemistry.

•    Innovative and clinically efficacious skincare products based on natural active extracts
•    Fundamental ingredient research in relation to skin biochemistry
•    Utilising valuable Greek herbs through the production of brand-own, premium organic extracts
•    Educating, supporting, cooperating with local communities, agricultural unions, organic farmers


Natural Products